12 Pieces of Furniture You Never Thought Of
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12 Pieces of Furniture You Never Thought Of


12 Pieces of Furniture You Never Thought Of

With an increasingly demanding pool of consumers, designers find it more and more difficult to come up with furniture that impresses or stands out, especially if the goal is to have something unique or something unusual and unconventional in your home. In order to meet such demands, designers constantly come up with all sorts of strange and crazy creations, some of which we’ve gathered here. It’s difficult to even include these pieces in a category and some even created us problems when we had to figure out their functionality. Enjoy!
1 Furniture You Never Thought Of
This lamp, for example, looks extremely delicious. The base looks like a chocolate fountain and, even knowing it’s not real, you feel tempted to dip your finger in the chocolate. The lamp was designed by Italian architect Ilaria Marelli.
2 Furniture You Never Thought Of
Such an interesting lamp would look great beside this unique bed. It has a futuristic design, with an egg-shaped frame. The shape makes it look cozy and comfortable which it is. In addition, the bed is equipped with a sound system and diffuse light. 
3 Furniture You Never Thought Of
Let’s now move on to the living room, where, if you want, you could have this fashionable and interesting-looking coffee table. It has a colorful base featuring different colors. Designed by H. Studio, the table is a piece of art and more than just a piece of furniture.
4 Furniture You Never Thought Of
Here’s another unusual table, this time combining dynamism and functionality in a striking design. Although the resemblance is not immediately obvious, the design of the table was inspired by running horses.
5 Furniture You Never Thought Of
Suitable for eccentric homes or mountain cabins, this piece has limited use in most spaces. It’s basically a wooden log with three back seats attached to it. The uncommon combination is emphasizes by the metallic color of the seats.
6 Furniture You Never Thought Of
This is a strictly decorative creation, as it has no functional use. It’s a door which looks like it;s been shattered although it preserves its structure and shape. It’s one of those eye-catching accent details which make a home look memorable.
7 Furniture You Never Thought Of
Not a lot of attention is given to the bathroom yet there are many interesting things you could include in its design, things like this bathtub which was designed to be customizable depending on the space available and the color one prefers for this space. The tub offers an array of lights and shadows, very soothing and relaxing.
8 Furniture You Never Thought Of
Every home has certain features which simply have to be there so, since you can’t ignore them, you might as well make them look interesting. For example, this radiator can easily become an eye-catching decoration for a space while maintaining its functionality.
9 Furniture You Never Thought Of
It’s very difficult to find a good term to describe this piece. It’s not exactly a bed but neither is it a sofa. It’s made exclusively of oak, it has curved lines, one supporting leg and a very unusual shape which doesn't resemble anything else we usually include in our homes.
10 Furniture You Never Thought Of
Sometimes a piece impresses not with its shape but with the materials the designer chooses for it. In some cases, everyday items are repurposed and used in all sorts of ingenious ways. These chandeliers, for example, are made of coat hangers.
11 Furniture You Never Thought Of
A fireplace, regardless of its style or design, is always a focal point in any room and more so if it looks like this. This is an ultra-modern fireplace with a stylish red, black or white frame. The actual fireplace burner is held by fine steel cables and it appears to be floating.
12 Furniture You Never Thought Of
The Bulldang Seat was designed by Dupont Neotis Studio and the name stands for “modular armchair-sofa.” It looks very cozy and comfy and it most likely is. A casual piece of furniture one could include in the living room or bedroom.

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