Bunk Beds For Kids – Space Saving
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Bunk Beds For Kids – Space Saving


Bunk Beds For Kids – Space Saving


When you hear someone saying they want to buy a bunk bed, you instantly assume it’s for the kids’ room. It’s true that bunk beds could also be used in guest rooms and maybe even in some unconventional bedrooms for example, but they remain very popular in the kids’ room. That’s because they are perfect for this room.
1 Bunk Beds For Kids
Corner bunk beds are a nice way of using the corner space cleverly
Bunk beds allow you to have lots of floor space. For example, instead of having four beds on the floor that would pretty much occupy the whole room, you only have two and the other two and mounted on top of them. The remaining floor space can be used for something else. You could afford to put some more furniture into the room such as a desk or a table or you could leave it free and the kids can take advantage of it when playing.
2 Bunk Beds For Kids
You can place the bunk beds against the window to offer the kids something to look at
3 Bunk Beds For Kids
Some bunk beds have two ladders so nobody has to share anything
4 Bunk Beds For Kids
Some also have curtains in case someone prefers privacy
5 Bunk Beds For Kids
By placing them in the corner you have a better distribution of the furniture in the room
6 Bunk Beds For Kids
You can personalize each space with wall-mounted decorations
7 Bunk Beds For Kids
A bunk bed with a slim and thin frame looks less space-consuming
8 Bunk Beds For Kids
Usually the two beds sitting on the floor have built-in storage
9 Bunk Beds For Kids
The thick and solid frame makes these bunk beds look surprisingly small
10 Bunk Beds For Kids
A symmetrical bedroom décor with bunk beds on either side of the room
11 Bunk Beds For Kids
An interesting family room featuring a bunk bed for four
12 Bunk Beds For Kids
Bunk beds can be real space-savers, especially in a small room
Bunk beds come in many different combinations, designs and shapes. The most popular are the pairs of two but there are also bunk beds for four. In this case you can really see the difference when it comes to saving floor space. Bunk beds for four are great for cases when you have more than two kids. If, for example, you only need three beds, you can still opt for a bunk bed for 4 and have a spare bed, maybe for a friend that wants to stay over.

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